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Chicken Fricot Recipe – Hearty & Beloved Acadian Comfort Food

Chicken Fricot – (Fricot au poulet) a hearty chicken and vegetable soup – Fricot is a traditional Acadian stew and this chicken version is a popular one in Acadia. Years ago, it was mostly made with chicken. Fricot is a beloved Acadian comfort food. When visitors came by or festivities such as fun family gatherings, quilting bees or evening gatherings brought together many people, the Acadians always killed a chicken to make a fricot. Even today, almost all Acadian families make their fricot with a chicken.


100-125 people
15 lbs of chicken meat
Stew chicken, salt, pepper and onion.

Remove chicken from bones, cut bite size

Save broth

2 small turnips
8 lbs carrots
25 lbs potatoes
5 lbs onion
2 celeries
Cut bit size

Fry onion, celery.
Add broth
Add and cook turnip, carrot first, next add potatoes

After cooking of vegetables add chicken
Make and add 10 recipes of dumplings
(I prefer making double the recipes and place them in a smaller pots and then add to bigger pots)

11/2c. flour
2 tsp. Baking powder
Pinch salt
Cut in 3 tbsp shortening
Stir lightly / Blend in ¾ c milk
Drop by spoonfuls onto meat not liquid
Cook –10 minutes uncovered
– 10 min covered

Shared by Bernice d’Entremont, Program Director

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