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Eel Lake Oyster Farm Tours

Along the beautiful southwest shore is a little lake nestled along hwy 3 and home to a unique and delicious bivalve, the Eel lake Oyster. A small family run business that prides itself on the quality of it’s product, it has also opened it’s doors to visitors who are welcomed in to a very enjoyable seafood experience.

Nova Scotia Oysters - Eel Lake Oyster Farm

Nova Scotia Oysters – Eel Lake Oyster Farm

Visitors can come in for a boat ride tour, packed with interesting information and answers to any question, from Owner Nolan d’Eon himself. They get to see the habitat of the oysters, their stages of growth and how they are grown out.

And oh yes, they can also enjoy a taste of these award winning premium oysters. It is a wonderful afternoon for family gatherings (It was our wedding and we took the tour with family from Nova Scotia, South Wales, Hong Kong and Quebec). I assure you that it’s well worth the trip, wether you are visiting or a born and bred Nova Scotian.

Please call ahead for rates and availability.


2012 Consumer Choice Product of the Year Award Winner

Ruisseau Oysters was recently named the 2012 Consumer Chocie Product of the Year from Taste of Nova Scotia.

“This succulent oyster can be found nestled in the clean, cool waters of Eel Lake and is the pride of Eel Lake Oyster Farm.” Taste of Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia Trunk 3, Ste. Anne du Ruisseau, NS



(902) 648-3472


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