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Present day barrel factory, Shelburne

In 1992, Dock Street was the location for the filming of Mary Silliman’s War, based on a true story and depicting Fairfield, Connecticut during the American Revolution. In 1994, Dock Street and area was the location of a major film, The Scarlet Letter, based on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel about Puritan New England in the mid-17th century. Some of the buildings on Dock Street still retain the grey-tone paint finishes used for the film.

Other movies made in Shelburne have been Virginia’s Run and Wilby Wonderful. In 2008 an old naval station in the Shelburne area was sold to a group who planned to make more movies at a sound stage located on the station; they sold the complex for other purposes. In 2009, filming for portions of the 2-part TV miniseries, Moby Dick, was carried out in Shelburne. A recreation of the Whaleman’s Chapel was constructed on the waterfront and the Spouter’s Inn constructed as a set in Cox’s Warehouse. The series stars William Hurt as Ahab, Gillian Anderson as his wife Elizabeth, Ethan Hawke as Starbuck and Donald Sutherland as Father Mappel.

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